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HP’s education programs and digital learning initiatives, including the Digital Equity Accelerator, aim to open up access for people across the world—with a focus on creating opportunities for women and girls, the aging, people with disabilities, educators, and the historically marginalized.

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Education is a fundamental human right and foundational to sustainable development. Technology can be a great equalizer by bringing quality digital learning to people where they live, which is vital in a rapidly changing world of work that calls for flexibility, intercultural connection, 24/7 collaboration, and lifelong learning. For people everywhere, especially underserved groups, equitable access to opportunity and outcome-based learning experiences are key to building skills for work and participation in society.
Improve lives through access to transformative technology
Through an inclusive education partnership with Governor Morehead School in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States, HP provided technology “bundles” and ongoing training for teachers and staff. The bundles, which included laptops and docking stations, large monitors, external keyboards, and noise-canceling headphones, support learning at home and on campus at the HP Computer Learning Lab and empower visually impaired students to continue developing critical digital skills.
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