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HP Engage Flex

Do more in your store and beyond

Efficiently manage your retail business from the store floor to the back office with the HP Engage Flex Pro, our stable, secure and highest-performing retail platform for a range of deployments.

HP Engage Flex Pro QuickSpecs HP Engage FLex Pro DataSheet

Build your best solution

Configure the perfect fit with flexible connectivity, graphics, networking, and accessory options.

Poised to perform and expand with your business

Tackle every retail challenge with an 8th Gen Intel® processor and Intel® Optane™ memory, and adjust capacity with storage options.

Secure, manageable, and reliable out of the box

Reduce the cost and complexity of managing your critical assets with innovative, integrated, proactive security and manageability features.

Designed for your daily demands

Create the solution your business needs with flexible options and a suite of retail peripherals.


Point of sale

Enhance the checkout experience with a powerful point of sale system that can move customers quickly through the line.

Video Surveillance

Deploy a surveillance solution that can store data with a system that fits into small spaces and has a lifecycle that aligns with the complete solution.

In-Store processing and controlling

Get high-performance computing that moves as fast as your customers do. Accelerate day-to-day operations, parsing through inventory and transaction data.


    Printers for HP Engage Flex

    HP has a variety of receipt printers that efficiently and reliably enable associates to generate transaction receipts. Choose from serial or USB connectivity as well as Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) for check validation and accepting coupons, and flash memory for custom receipt printing.

    Product Number: 2HV27AA

    Intro Date: 01.03.2018
    End of Life: 31.12.2023

    More Information

    Epson M30 printer + PS + AC Cord

    Product Number: E1Q93AA

    Intro Date 29.04.2013
    End of Life: 31.12.2020

    More Information

    Epson T88V Powered USB Receipt Printer

    Product Number: D9Z52AA

    Go Live: 29.04.2013
    End of Live: 31.12.2020

    More Information

    Epson TM88V Serial USB Receipt Printer

    Product Number: 2HV25AA 

    Intro Date: 02.01.2018
    End of Life: 31.12.2023 

    More Information

    Epson TM88VI Serial Ethernet USB Printer

    Product Number: 4AK33AA

    Intro Date: 01.08.2018
    End of Life: 31.12.2022

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    HP Value Thermal Receipt Printer

    (Matte Black)

    Product Number: X3B46AA

    Intro Date: 15.02.2017
    End of Life: 31.12.2020

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    HP Value Printer Serial USB II

    Product Number: 1RL96AA
    including: USB+ Power Supply Cable: 1RM02AA
    including: Serial + Power Adapter Cable: 1RM03AA
    including: Powered USB Y Cable: BM477AA

    Intro Date: 15.09.2017
    End of Life: 31.12.2022

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    HP Engage One Serial USB Thermal Printer

    Product Number: 3GS19AA
    including: USB+ Power Supply Cable: 3WV53AA 
    including: Serial + Power Adapter Cable: 3WV54AA
    including: Powered USB Y Cable: 5FW23AA

    Intro Date: 10.05.2018
    End of Life: 31.12.2022

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    HP Engage One Serial USB Thermal Printer White


    Scanners for HP Engage Flex

    HP has a range of scanners to fit your specific needs. Choose from wired or wireless scanners that can be used by hand or in a fixed position on a counter. Gain the ability to scan 1D and 2D omnidirectional barcodes as well as mobile device scanning and the ability to capture images.

    Data sheet

    Product Number: 4AK34AA

    Intro Date: 01.09.2018
    End of Life: 31.12.2022

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    HP Value Barcode Scanner

    HP Imaging Barcode Scanner II

    Cash Drawers

    Cash Drawers for HP Engage Flex

    Every store environment is different, so HP offers several cash drawers to choose from—each with adjustable tills and inserts and built with high-quality components and robust construction for retail-ready durability.

    Displays / Stands

    Displays / Stands for HP Engage Flex

    HP offers a variety of display choices for your environments—from 15- and 17-inch diagonal touchscreen monitors for your associates, customers, and self-service setups to compact customer-facing displays that keep your customers informed throughout the transaction.

    Product Number: 5JG51AA

    Intro Date: 20.12.2018
    End of Life: 31.07.2023

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    HP Engage Go Dock Black

    Product Number: 5JG52AA

    Intro Date: 20.12.2018
    End of Life: 31.07.2023

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    HP Engage Go Dock White

    Dockings / Keyboard / Others

    Keyboard / MSR /Others for HP Engage Flex

    Enjoy the full input features of a standard QWERTZ keyboard layout in a compact design that maximizes available counter space. Choose a model with or without an integrated magnetic strip reader (MSR), or pick a standalone MSR that’s intelligent, programmable, and easy to use.

    Product Number: FK218AA

    Intro Date: 15.09.2019
    End of Life: 30.06.2024

    More Information

    HP POS Keyboard with MSR


    HP Cases and Jackets for HP Engage Flex

    Enrich your HP Engage GO Solution with fitting Accessories and Options. 


    3 Party Solutions fitting you HP Retail Point of Sales

Get in contact with one of HPs specialized Partner for Retail POS Solutions