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Goodbye dark cloud of anxiety.
Hello, cloud control and security.

HP Thin Clients deliver simple cloud manageability and control. Plus with powerful security and productivity-maximizing features, experience the added benefit of IT peace of mind.

Powerful security

Keep your business-sensitive data safe with a combination of off-device cloud data storage and thin clients’ bulletproof built-in protection. So you can access and store your information securely, without worrying about viruses and malware.

Innovative solutions for maximum productivity

Do more with HP hardware and software solutions. With features like multi-display support, remote access to your data, and cloud optimized OS options, your users can be at their most productive whether at the office or on the go.

Management made easy

HP Thin Clients give you the tools to easily rule the cloud. So you can set up, manage and monitor thousands of HP Thin Clients remotely from a single point.

Optimized for the end user. Trusted by IT.

Innovative, reliable, secure. It’s your virtual computing world, we just deliver real business results for you.

HP Thin Client Software

Customize your OS environment, remotely setup and deploy, boost Wi-Fi network performance, 
and get local quality multimedia with exclusive HP value-added software.

HP ThinPro PC Converter

Easily convert any PC into an HP Thin Client

Extend PC life, enhance security, and simplify device management by transforming your existing IT assets into efficient VDI endpoint devices with HP ThinPro PC Converter.

HP Thin Client PC Converter Solution Brief
HP Thin Client PC Converter Overview

HP Device Manager

Stress-free management

With HP Device Manager you can do it all-configure, manage, maintain and update your install base and security certificate assignments-all from one interface.

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HP Device Manager support

    HP Write Manager

    Effortless IT management

    Experience a flexible write filter built for easy configuration. An all-new design makes configuration changes and custom profile setups simple with minimal end-user interruption.

    HP Write Manager Datasheet
    HP Write Manager Admin Guide

      HP ThinUpdate

      Download and install the HP ThinUpdate tool.

      The HP ThinUpdate app allows you to download system images and software add-ons from HP, capture HP thin client images, create ISO files, and create bootable USB drives for image deployment. HP ThinUpdate comes preinstalled on some HP Thin Clients and is also available as an add-on.


        HP Easy Shell

        Quick. Simple. Customized.

        HP Easy Shell provides a streamlined experience for your HP Thin Client Windows Embedded environment that’s completely customizable to fit your needs. Precisely tailor your unique security needs so you can make the most of your cloud infrastructure, VDI, and kiosk environments.

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        HP Easy Shell Admin Guide

          HP True Graphics

          Break-through graphics

          Experience breakthrough video playback, smooth graphics rendering, and impressive high-speed performance with less lag time when you access rich graphical applications and multimedia content from the cloud with HP True Graphics6 for Windows® and Linux®-based HP Thin Clients.

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            HP Remote Graphics Software

            Work virtually anywhere

            HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS) allows you to securely access, share, and broadcast your Windows® and Lynux® virtual workstation apps in amazing, high-speed clarity from any remote PC, Windows® tablet or thin client.

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            Unified Communications

            HP solutions for breakthrough communications

            Share your screen, video, content, and instant message with globally dispersed colleagues with a thin client that supports unified communications.