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Secured Access to Digital Workspaces
HP Anyware is the enterprise software IT needs to keep people productive with secured access to their digital workspaces without a VPN.

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No data leaves your network

HP Anyware gives IT the flexibility and security they need while creating a high-performance seamless experience for teams to interact with their digital workspaces.

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    Lightweight software agents and clients can be easily installed and centrally managed for virtually any IT infrastructure:

    Hosts running Windows®, Linux®, or MacOS® including standalone or virtualized desktops and workstations, on-prem data centers, edge, cloud, multicloud or hybrid environments.

    End-user devices running Windows®, Linux®, MacOS®, Chrome OS®, iOS®, or Android® including a PC, Mac®, laptop, Chromebook®, tablet, integrated monitor, Zero Client, or Thin Client.

    Benefits for IT

    Deploy on virtually any mix of host environments, end-user devices, and network infrastructure including LAN, WAN, LTE or 5G, without a VPN connection.

    Benefits for Users

    Work on even the most compute and graphics-intensive applications from pretty much any device and enjoy the same amazing user experience from anywhere.



    No data leaves the safety of your network with PCoIP® traffic in the form of image pixels secured by AES-256 encryption as well as Multifactor for additional layers of security.

    Benefits for IT

    Keep data safe inside the network with only display information transferring to and from end-user devices.

    Benefits for Users

    Help prevent projects from being lost, stolen, or tampered with no matter where you access your work from – home, office, tent, or a café.



    Screen sharing allows others to join the same session and work together in real-time while USB webcam support for video conference apps like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, makes sure you are seen from anywhere.

    Benefits for IT

    Enable people and teams to collaborate on projects without downloading large files.

    Benefits for Users

    Share your screen so anyone anywhere can access your desktop or application and work together in real-time.

    Productivity and Performance


    World-class performance features keep people productive on even the most compute and graphics-intensive applications.

    • 4K/UHD throughput with multiple monitor support ensures a color-accurate, lossless, and distortion-free user experience.
    • A/V sync ensures smooth video playback with synchronized audio.
    • Adaptive encoders automatically deliver the best possible user experience under changing network conditions.
    • Broad peripheral support including Wacom pen displays and tablets, 3D mice, game console controllers, and webcams

    Benefits for IT

    Provision and monitor desktop and application connections to enable multiple users to access or share a digital workspace when they need it.

    Benefits for Users

    Work on virtually any device and attach multiple displays and peripherals to produce your best work from anywhere, even under varying network conditions.

    Use Cases


    Get on-site and off-site access to mission-critical and graphics-intensive software, such as BIM and CAD applications, during any stage of a project.

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    Be on-air ready and connected to remote broadcast studios during mission-critical broadcasts—no matter what.

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    Modernize remote and on-site learning environments to empower a future-ready generation.

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    Game development

    Create amazing, interactive gaming experiences with high frame rates, low latency, and amazing responsiveness from anywhere—studio, home, or on a secret vacation. 

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    Media & entertainment

    Visualize and interact with media workloads from anywhere while meeting the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) content security best practices or ensuring Trusted Partner Network (TPN) compliance. 

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    Military & government

    Securely access and control classified data from anywhere, regardless of isolation or clearance requirements—even in dark site locations.

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    Fuel better financial decisions with secure and accelerated performance for data analytics.  

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    Product development and manufacturing

    Boost efficiency and collaboration across multiple teams, vendors, and time zones.

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Gerne unterstützen wir Sie mit technischem Consulting beim Planen und beim Aufbau ihrer Umgebung.

Michael Gross

HP Anyware Presales Consultant

Internationally experience End-User-Computing Specialist with 15 years of professional experience in the IT-sector. I acquired my skills in smaller companies as well as world-wide operating corporations.
My specialities are:Design, Implementation, Migration and Management of complex PCoIP Solutions and all other products of the Teradici/PCoIP Product portfolio

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