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HP Performance Advisor: An overview

How this pre-installed tool ensures HP Workstations are always operating at maximum potential

Maximize your workstation performance

Get the most out of your HP Workstation on day one—and every day thereafter. Designed for non-techies, this ultra-savvy software wizard is the simplest and most effective way to make sure your computer is always operating at its optimum potential. HP Performance Advisor comes pre-installed with every HP Workstation.


Top performer. Tuned for your application.

Maximize your entire workstation environment with access to the HP certified ISV ecosystem. Workstation optimization can take up to 80 steps, but with the HP Performance Advisor, you can do it in two — one-click to improve performance of your key applications and another to select and download certified graphics drivers.

Complete system view at your fingertips

Gain a quick and accurate understanding of your entire system in one simple, intelligent interface. Expedite troubleshooting and eliminate downtime with one-click system reporting. And stay up-to-date with instant access to an extensive library of white papers on your workstation and key applications.

Identify performance bottlenecks

Ensure top performance throughout the entire life of your workstation with quick and easy performance analysis. Identify and track use of memory, CPU and other resources to ensure your workstation is keeping up with changing workflows.

HP Storage Advisor

HP Storage Advisor is a software solution that analyzes the storage subsystem of a Windows computer while running a given workload and provides predictions for other storage technologies running the same workload that workload running on other storage technologies. HP Storage Advisor runs as a plugin to HP Performance Advisor. A customer invokes HP Storage Advisor from within HP PA and then runs their workload of interest.  When the run completes, HP Storage Advisor presents a graphical view that depicts the performance of the current storage technology and the predicted performance of other storage technologies. Depending on the workload, the results may show a benefit, no change or even decreased performance for other technologies. 

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