HP ZCentral Remote Boost

Software that sets your power users free

The Power of Z From Anywhere

Formerly known as Remote Graphics Software (RGS), HP now introduces the latest pro-grade solution that harnesses the power of a Z Workstation. Give your power users the performance boost they need to tackle their most demanding, graphics-intensive projects from anywhere.

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Turn Your Device Into a Z

Now, with our revolutionary software, your power users can get a transformative remote experience. Give them fast responsiveness and image quality, even with film editing and big data visualizations.

Pro-Grade Collaboration

Our proprietary remote collaboration technology allows global teams to work together in real-time, even on 3D models. It's so simple – they just invite others to join their session by sending a link.

Securely Access Your Data

Regardless of what's sent over the network, your information is always encrypted. ZCentral Remote Boost transfers pixels only, so your data remains locked down on the HP's most secure workstations.

Download Software

Download ZCentral Remote Boost Software, version 8.  

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Dynamic Resizing

Power users & those they remotely collaborate with can dynamically resize the content to match the resolution of the device they're working on or match it to the centralized hardware they're tapping into.

4K & Multi-Display Support

ZCentral Remote Boost supports 4K and multi-display setups, so your users can have the flexibility to work from almost any end-point device.

Graphics Hardware Acceleration

Achieve optimal performance, even with low network bandwidth. With Advanced Video Compression (AVC), the pixels being sent over the network are compressed to improve your frame rate.

HP Velocity

Break free of your network limitations with HP Velocity. Our software improves latency in wide area networks and increases network traffic tolerance, for solid performance even over poor connections.

Touch Gestures

Zoom, tap and swipe your way to productivity with the ability to control any application.

Remote USB

With local control and access you can virtually attach or block a USB device to a remote system.

Operating Systems

Our software is compatible with most desktop operating systems like Windows, MacOS and Linux®. No need to install any extra drivers or app updates for supported operating systems.

Software Included

You don't need any additional infrastructure costs to start working and collaborating remotely. ZCentral Remote Boost is included on all Z devices and supported on most operating systems.

Explore our Integrated Solution

Learn more about HP ZCentral, the world's only single-source remote workstation solution.