HP Z2 G5 Mini Workstation Desktop PC

The World's Most Powerful Mini Workstation.
Now Even Mightier.

Get even more high-end performance packed into an insanely small device. Take on 3D design projects and work in multiple pro apps easily. Widely versatile, it's the obvious choice for the modern workplace.

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Designed for What You Do


Designed for those who shape the world around us, the Z2 Mini desktop PC delivers advanced performance for 2D drafting and 3D rendering design workflows. Create realistic models and get real-time interactivity with detailed 3D structures with a space-saving, reliable hardware solution.

Graphic Designers

Speed up your creative process with the perfect device for 2D design workflows. Get lag-free performance when working in multiple layers and performing complex tasks. Plus, you have plenty of space to organize and store your large high-resolution files with a space-saving, reliable desktop PC.

Steam Education

Equip your students with digital skills for future technology careers with a desktop PC certified for STEAM software. From the science lab to the media center this desktop is a space-saving, reliable desktop PC.

Be Uncompromising About Performance

Pro-Level Graphics

Seamlessly render, design, and multi-task on your biggest projects with a choice of up to NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ 3000 or AMD Radeon Pro™ Graphics. Certified and supported for the apps you use every day.


Get high frequency performance on single and multi-threaded applications with the latest generation 10-core Intel® Xeon® and Intel® Core™ processors.

Power Supply

Optimize your configuration with a 280W power adapter.

ECC Memory

Avoid system crashes in the middle of your workflow. Error Correction Code memory detects and corrects soft errors in the memory system on the fly.

HP Z Turbo Drive

Reduce boot up, response, and file uploads with up to 4 TB of total capacity.

Tooless Access

Top cover opens for easy access to internal components.

The Perfect Fit, Anywhere

The Z2 Mini endures 360K hours of rigorous testing, MIL-STD testing and software certifications. With the option of an Intel® Xeon® processor and ECC memory, it's built for tough workloads.

Behind Your Monitor

Perfect for space-constrained workspaces.

Under Your Desk

Ideal for when you want to keep your workspace clear.

Rack Mount

Rack mount 56 units in a 42U rack for virtualized installations.

Multi-Display Support

Drive up to six displays—four native and two additional with daisy chaining.

We Test It So You Can Trust It. 24/7.

The Z2 Mini endures 360K hours of rigorous testing, MIL-STD testing and software certifications. With the option of an Intel® Xeon® processor and ECC memory, it's built for tough workloads.

HP ZCentral
Liberate the Work. Centralize the Power.

Optimized for rack mounting, fit seven Z2 Mini’s across a 5U row and 56 in a standard 24U.7 Pair a fleet of racked Z2 Mini’s with HP ZCentral Remote Boost14 software and ZCentral Connect21 IT management software for a complete hardware and software solution to power a remote workforce.

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Multiple Ports for Maximum Productivity

1. 3x DisplayPortTM 1.4 (available with discrete graphics)
2. Type-C® USB 10Gbps signaling rate
3. Optional Config. Port
4. 2x Type-A USB 10Gbps signaling rate

5. RJ-45 (network)
6. 2x Type-A USB 10Gbps signaling rate
7. Type-C® USB 10Gbps signaling rate
8. Universal Audio Jack

World's Most Secure Workstations

Advanced security features come standard on every Z2 Mini. System safeguards like the industry’s first self-healing BIOS help lock your device, data and identity down tight.

HP Sure Start Gen6

Firmware attacks can completely devastate your PC - stay protected with the world's first self-healing BIOS, HP Sure Start Gen6.

HP Sure Admin

Eliminate the need for a password or BIOS configuration utility in the OS by creating a digital signature that allows IT administrators to securely manage BIOS settings over a network.

Hardware Security

Secure your hardware with a built-in Kensington lock and a VESA sleeve that has port blocks.

Self-Encrypting Drives

With optional self-encryption drives, you have confidence knowing that if your storage device falls into the wrong hands, your valuable IP has enhanced protection.

Additional Features

Windows or Linux®

Support your unique user needs with a choice of Windows 10 Pro 64 or Linux® operating systems.

Software Certified

Work with confidence knowing your desktop is certified with leading software applications to ensure peak performance even with complex projects.


Designed to be wiped down using many commonly available household disinfecting and cleaning wipes using the HP cleaning guidelines.

The World's Most Sustainable PC Portfolio

Recycled Materials. Less Packaging

We use recycled plastics in Z products, reducing waste going into oceans and landfills. We also minimize waste by allowing you to ship multiple products in one carton.

Reducing Greenhouse Gases

We've designed our products to use less energy without sacrificing performance. Z products are ENERGY STAR® certified with highly efficient power supplies and idle management.

Safer Materials

Z products meticulously adhere to restricted substance regulations, and we select materials that meet GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals' methodology.

Top Epeat® Certifications

EPEAT® is the world’s most stringent and comprehensive measure of product sustainability, and we are proud to offer a full portfolio of EPEAT® Gold and Silver devices.