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Liberate The Work. 
Centralize The Power.

World's first single-source remote workstation solution accelerates high-performance, complex workflows from any location.


Introducing ZCentral

Introducing the world’s only single-source remote workstation solution.
Centralize your high-compute performance and free your power users to tackle complex, graphics-intensive projects from anywhere.

The Ultimate High-performance Solution

Keep Close Control

Manage connections between remote power users and your centralized hardware with HP ZCentral Connect. Assign individual machines or create pools for groups to share. All from a single console.

Z Power. Anywhere.

With 1:1 access, your users get the same experience as if their workstation were next to them. HP ZCentral Remote Boost software compresses and quickly transports pixels for a seamless experience. 

Protect Your IP

Lock your data down tight on HP's most secure workstations. We only transfer encrypted pixels over the network, so your sensitive information never leaves your data closet. It's foolproof.

Unlock Savings

We're the only vendor that offers a single-source remote workstation solution with hardware and software. Share pools of workstations with no additional virtualization software required.

Behind The Innovation ZCentral Remote Boost

Get the Simplicity You've Been Looking for

ZCentral VS Virtualized Servers

Unlike a virtualized server, our solution provides direct, undivided access to workstation-class performance without the additional maintenance and costs.

ZCentral VS Cloud Workstations

Supporting high-end users in the cloud can quickly add up. Get predictable pricing without trading off performance and security.

ZCentral VS Other Workstations

As the world's only single-source remote workstation solution, no extra remote hardware or software is required. It's asimple end-to-end solution.

How It Works



Your power users now have the freedom to connect to a workstation from almost any end-point device, including slim, light devices they can use in the office or on-the-go.

Software Integration

With a single-source remote workstation solution, our software is integrated so your users can connect in one-click and quickly start harnessing the power of a remote workstation.

Remote Control

ZCentral Connect gives you full control of your centralized hardware, allowing you to provide service and maintenance from anywhere.

Operating Systems

Our software is compatible with most major desktop operating systems like Windows, MacOS and Linux®. This gives you the ultimate flexibility to support your various users.

ZCentral Remote Boost

Get the power of Z from anywhere. Download the current 7.7 version. The next release will be available in early 2020.


ZCentral Connect

Download the latest HP ZCentral Connect Software to install on your Server.
If the link does not work, use Internet Explorer. 

Download Trial License

How to Install

ZCentral Connect (1/4)

How to install ZCentral Connect Manager and Trial License


ZCentral Connect (2/4)

Ho to import, Manage, Power and authorize Hosts


ZCentral Connect (3/4)

How to create a computing pool and assign users


ZCentral Connect (4/4)

Sign-On, Connect to Host, Remote Boost Login and release Hosts.