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Gear up for the next era of data science.

Why Choose Z  Z + OMNISCI

Get Game-Changing Technology

As datasets get larger, unraveling meaningful insights can be time consuming and costly.
Powered by our advanced data science solution, you can now explore multi-billion record datasets in real time.

Apply Extreme Analytical Power

The world’s most powerful workstation—with GPU acceleration for DS—maximizes time to insight. Interact with up to 5 billion dataset rows in milliseconds per click with dual NVIDIA Quadro® RTX 8000 cards.

Secure to the Core

When you’re handling valuable IP, even one security incident can be catastrophic.  Block crippling cyber attacks with the world's most secure workstations.

The Cost-effective Choice

A Z with straightforward pricing structured specifically for your workflows, you never have to worry about hidden costs or ongoing fees. Manage your own solution and slash total cost of ownership.

Spread the Power Across Your Team

Equip your data scientists with the power of Z—no matter what computer they use.  With HP ZCentral Remote Boost, your team can easily and securely access a centralized Z workstation.

Find the right Workstation for your Data Science Workload.

Read How Technology Trends
Are Changing Data Science

Possiblities at The Edge

Read how data scientists are using edge computing for real-time data analytics.


AI for All

See how Machine Learning as a Service is making data science tools more accessible and easier to use.


The Power to Push the Limits

Find out how advancements in GPU technology are speeding up workflows and unlocking the full potential of machine learning.


Hear From Industry Experts

We’ve collaborated with leading experts to bring you exclusive interviews, industry analysis and practical implementations that will turn your data into transformative business results.

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Break Free From the Status Quo

Z VS Cloud

As you look to expand your data science capabilities, cloud computing can become impractical. Tackle big data head-on with Z for cost-effective performance that scales with your data.

Z VS Servers

Don't let legacy CPU-based servers compromise your results. Z opens up the extreme power of GPU acceleration, so you can go from batch analysis to click analysis for faster, more accurate insights

Z VS Other Workstations

Why settle for a workstation that can't keep up with you? Our large capacity DS workstations are packed with industry-leading hardware and software innovations, so you can scale as your data grows.

Z VS Cloud

No Additional Costs. No Surprises.

The cost of multiple GPUs, processing cores and massive amounts of memory needed for large data sets can quickly add up in the cloud. Z meets the demands of advanced analytics right out of the box.

The Right GPU for the Job.

Typical cloud GPUs—designed for large scale inferencing—are no match for data science workloads. Z harnesses the power of GPU acceleration with NVIDIA Quadro® RTX graphics—made for interactive, iterative work.

Store Locally. Share Freely.

Copying and transferring your databases shouldn’t be a chore. With Z local storage you can easily share databases without worrying about the time and cost implications of downloading from the cloud.

Lock Your Data Down Tight.

Avoid the time-consuming frustration of seeking legal advice every time you store a new dataset in the cloud. Storing sensitive IP locally on a Z makes meeting regulatory requirements a lot easier.

Z VS Servers

Downsampling is History

Move from analyzing data in hours per cycle to milliseconds per click for 10x faster results.  Z with mega memory and dual NVIDIA Quadro® RTX 8000 cards slices through 5bn database rows in real time.4

Simplify Your Setup

Avoid the complexities of shared servers. A dedicated Z is the low-maintenance alternative. Preconfigured with validated apps, like TensorFlow and Python, you can easily customize your solution.

No Wait Times

Never compete for server time again. With a dedicated Z, you can work when you want and for as long as you want. No abrupt stops. No interruptions.

Sensible Investment

Server costs are tough to accept especially when they aren't optimized for what you do. With a Z that is fine-tuned for DS, you pay only for what you need. No maintenance overheads. No service fees.

Z VS Other Workstations

More Than a Cookie-Cutter Workstation

With room for dual NVIDIA Quadro® RTX 8000 cards running on a monster 1450-watt power supply, the world's most powerful workstation can blast through up to 5 billion rows of data in seconds flat.

Industry-Leading Reliability

When data powers your business, downtime simply isn’t an option. Z workstations go through over 350,000 hours of brutal testing to ensure non-stop 24/7 performance under the heaviest of workloads.

Ready for the Future

When you work at the very edge of technology, you need to know you can upgrade the moment new advances emerge. Whichever Z you choose, you get tool-less access and future-proof expandability.

Seamless Software Integration

Get a curated and tested stack, including RAPIDS software, docker management, anaconda and Linux, all pre-installed. Or use an NGC container, whichever works best for you.

Z & OMNISCI: Accelerated Data Science

OmniSci’s accelerated analytics platform brings sub-second queries & visual analytics to the powerful Z data science workstation.

Address Data Science Challenges

Explain AI models to business leadership, explore and issue iterative queries at the speed of curiosity, and reduce risk without the need for downsampling, pre-indexing or pre-aggregating.


Unparalleled Speed at Scale

Query and visualize billions of rows of data in milliseconds for rapid time-to-business insights to gain a competitive edge.

Download OMNISCI

Immersive, Real-time Visualizations

Combine Geospatial and Business Intelligence: Fuse large geospatial data to get real-time location intelligence. Plot and render millions of spatiotemporal points in milliseconds.


Increased Productivity & Accuracy

Query billions of data points in milliseconds and visualize billion-row datasets in Jupyter. Use familiar data science APIs and connect to open source data science ecosystems


Working at the Speed of Curiosity

Hear Todd Mostak, CEO and co-founder of OmniSci, explain how data teams can harness new GPU and CPU technologies to speed up analytics.


HP Data Science Developers Portal

Hit the ground running with the tools and documentation to install a high performance, fully tested data science environment onto your solution.