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HP t310 G2

Big security, small footprint

Reduce the risk of your data getting into the wrong hands. With no data stored on the HP t310 G2 Zero Client, your intellectual property stays safe on your secure server.


The performance and features you need

Fast boot and response times

Finish ahead of deadlines with fast boot and response times and boost productivity by connecting display and accessory add–ons through additional USB ports and added DisplayPorts™.

No hassle set up and management

This PCoIP zero client makes deployment simple right out of the box for VMWare® and Amazon WorkSpaces. Plus, Teradici Management tools4 make updates and device visibility a breeze.

Legacy and future peripheral support

The HP t310 G2 Zero Client features two additional USB ports and an extra DisplayPort™ for added connectivity. Plus, the device’s small size keeps your work area free of distractions.

HP t310 G2 Zero Client features

Enhanced ports and graphic options

Upgrade your graphics options with one 1 DVI port and one added DisplayPort™, plus a total of 6 USB ports for all of your accessory add-ons.

Easily connect to a VDI or cloud server

The HP t310 G2 Zero Client easily connects to VDI or cloud servers, including VMWare® and Amazon Workspaces1 environments.

Keeping your work area clutter-free

The t310 G2 Zero Client has a new look and feel and now includes a built in VESA mounting pattern.

Take your business to the cloud.

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